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Tip # 1 = To get fit, you need four things: your body as it is right now, clean water, sunshine, and whole foods.

Tip # 2 = Eat whole, non-processed foods. What we put in our mouth has a greater effect on us than we think.

Tip # 3 = Improper food combining is one of the main reasons why people have an excess weight problem. When you eat healthy vital food in the right combinations your body will automatically go to your most optimum body weight.

Tip # 4 = Many people burn off more calories than they take in and systematically under eat and still gain or keep on their weight. If this happens, inquire into balancing your body chemistry with the 12 wonders.

Tip # 5 = Remember that the earth is 70% water and the body is 70% water. Therefore, if we use our instincts, it is probably best to go with Mother Nature on this one. The majority of the foods we eat should be 70% water — fruits and vegetables.

Tip # 6 = Stop looking at your body in parts. It is one complex system which can be nurtured or damaged very easily.

Tip # 7 = Exercise will cleanse the body, increase & generate feel-good hormones and make us feel good about ourselves.

Tip # 8 = Keeping the body hydrated is a key to emotional health. Drink more than 10 glasses of water a day.

Tip # 9 = Let your body be sick. In many cases sickness is the body healing itself as in the case of colds and flues. We have developed a bad habit of stopping the sickness by taking drugs, which in turn stops the healing. When you do that, the poisons and toxins stay in the body and cause havoc later on.

Tip # 10 = If you are going to chow down; it is best to do it between noon and 4 pm. That is when your metabolic rate is fastest.

Tip # 11 = Have a glass of water with every glass of alcohol and eat raw vegetables when drinking. Alcohol is very acidic and it dehydrates the body.

Tip # 12 = Whole foods contain nutrients essential for normal metabolic function. Processed foods, fried foods, and junk foods alter the nutrients in foods and can cause sickness.

Tip # 13 = One of the most important balances is that of the pH in your body. The best and easiest way to maintain a proper pH is to combine your foods correctly.

Tip # 14 = Eat fruit on an empty stomach; it will have the effect of washing and cleansing the digestive tract, leaving it more capable of absorbing nutrients.

Tip # 15 – If you get heartburn or indigestion, do not take antacids. Eat raw vegetable instead. Raw vegetables neutralize the acids with no side effects.

Tip # 16 = Soak your nuts and seeds one to two hours before eating them. This will make digestion easier and increase the absorption of the vital nutrients.

Tip # 17 = Food supplements, vitamins, minerals and anything in pill form are not necessary to take. All the nutrients that human bodies require are present in balanced quantities of whole foods and can be best used by our bodies only when they are consumed as part of the whole food in which they occur.

Tip # 18 = Do not limit your diet to a large amount of just a few select foods. The more variety that we ingest, the better chance we have of getting every nutrient that we need – known and unknown.

Tip # 19 = Fasting is a wonderful tool to enable us to cleanse and enhance the quality of our bodies.

Tip # 20 = The same thing that is affecting your sexual enjoyment negatively or positively is the same thing that is affecting your energy levels, vitality and happiness.

Tip # 21 = The chemicals, pesticides, artificial colors among other man substances that are put in our food messes up our body chemistry which is linked to the central nervous system. Other factors that mess with our body chemistry include stress, lack of exercise, smoking, negative thoughts, taking prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and illegal drugs and drinking too much alcohol.

Tip # 22 = Stress can interfere with our ability to become aroused or to achieve full sexual satisfaction. Illegal and prescription drug use lowers libido and stresses adrenal glands, creating lower energy levels.

Tip # 23 = Smoking cigarettes and marijuana constricts blood vessels, impairing circulation and makes achieving prolong erection more difficult.

Tip # 24 = You can stimulate your entire immune system, decrease stress and relax your body with a daily dose of laughter.

Tip # 25 = From the moment we’re born, we need the touch of another. From the moment of birth, touch tells us that we are not alone in the world, that we are safe and loved.

Tip # 26 = Slow down long enough to notice what is right in front of you. If you are speeding through the day, chances are you are overlooking beautiful people and things all around you.

Tip # 27 = Right mindfulness is the focusing of one’s attention on one’s body, feelings, thoughts and consciousness in such a way as to overcome craving, hatred and ignorance.

Tip # 28 = Decide if you are going to live life full out. Go with a food lifestyle that supports your mission and fills you with love you want to give the world. Ask yourself? Will this support me in living my dreams??

Tip # 29 = Meditation is neither a technique nor something that needs to be attained. It is nothing more than you experiencing your body in a quiet state. Quiet the body often throughout the day.

Tip # 30 = Breathing can very well be the most important aspects of living a healthy life. Deep Breathing relaxes the body and supplies the cells with the necessary oxygen that it needs. Breathing properly and directing the breath is essential to reach the deepest possible intimacy and highest possible states of ecstasy. Breathing supplies necessary oxygen to your cells and frees emotions and sensuality. The breath is key to lasting longer, having more intense orgasms, and feeling more intimate love. Breath deep often !!

Tip # 31 = The right thing to do never requires any clever or surprise scheme; it is always simple and direct.

Tip # 32 = Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.

Tip # 33 = You are the source of your own pleasure. The richness of your life experiences come from you. No one can give you bliss; it comes from within.

Tip # 34 = You are wise enough to lift yourself out of your health blahs and another is that you are wise enough to lift you out of your bedroom blahs.

Tip # 35 = Great sex has an ability to so deeply absorb us that thinking is forgotten and we feel the perfection of ourselves, our partner and of life.

Tip # 36 = In life there are many ways to attain wisdom, knowledge, freedom, power and full self-expression. Sex is one of them.

Tip # 37 = Dancing gets the sexual energy moving inside you and towards your partner. Let your body speak your love by dancing for each other.

Tip # 38 = Music is a magical medium and a very powerful tool. Music can delight all the senses and inspire every fiber of our being. Music has the power to soothe and relax, bring us comfort and embracing joy. Choose the music that turns each other on. Try different genres and create different atmospheres with candles and incense.

Tip # 39 = Mirrors provide a great way to enjoy each other.

Tip # 40 = Tape your erotic work out for later use: Naked twister, Pilates with lingerie on. You get the picture, go and have fun. Play & love.

Tip # 41 = Eat food off each other’s body; experience the five senses eating mangoes and berries. Start with the shopping together, cooking together, feeding each other and then linger in the after play.

Tip # 42 = Bring out the animal in each other. Let yourself go places you have never been.

Tip # 43 = Toys, feathers, tie each other up. The best toy is your imagination and every part of your body and your lover’s body.

Tip # 44 = Play with different massage techniques and lubricants. Break out the silk and lingerie to reflect your mood.

Tip # 45 = Working out together is a real turn on. Do lots of mirroring of each other with stretching, yoga, and mat work. Watch each sweat and anticipate the great sex you will have afterwards.

Tip # 46 = Think outside the box that you created for yourself and your life. Lose the logic!! Most logic does not promote bliss!!

Tip # 47 = Lose the goal-orientated sex!! Get back in touch with the “turn on” of your partner. Slow down, enjoy each other. Slow down and get connected. Keep it simple. Experience all five senses when making love.

Tip # 48 = In lovemaking, experiment with different positions and speeds.
Stop in the middle of lovemaking for an extended period of time and feel your body and sensations. During oral sex or mutual masturbation, stop before your lover orgasms and play some more.

Tip # 49 = Get connected with your partner right now. Ravish her, Love her, Be grateful for the gifts she or he has to offer.

Tip # 50 = Buy Getting fit through Sex to have an abundance of energy and sexual vitality